Our Creation.. Applied Truth, the Realization/Manifestation of Natural Law.. Don Glenn 2010

How could anything be eternal?
Natural Law is. The relationship between the diameter of a circle and its circumference we call , pi. The value of which is universal. It has always been that quantity and always will be. It can't be changed or destroyed. It can't be created either, only discovered, uncovered, understood, realized, etc. So is all Natural Law, universal and unbreakable.  The manifestation of those laws is Life.

If conscious life could evolve over a few billion years on earth  thru Natural Law, it would be reasonable to believe that the Greater Universe, All in All governed by the same "Eternal Truth", would have always been conscious.

We are all different viewpoints of the same Conscious Universe.  Each at the center, the end being equally infinite in all directions.

The devil is a shadow. You can't successfully fight it. Turn on the light and it will cease to exist.

The Bible (As well as other "Holy Books") deal with history and attempts at establishing codes of conduct, civil law. You can break the ten commandments. You can't break natural law, Universal Truth! Nature Rules!

The effect of every move we make, everything we do, ripples out forever. (Gravitational Effects, etc.) The farther individual waves ripple out, the more they approach being the same wave, the consciousness of All in All. The eternal memory of our Universe.. Journey from the center to never ending.

Evolution/Natural Selection or Intelligent Design? It's both! It's the Evolution of Intelligent Nature by Design.. Naturally! Why is Nature so powerful? The Laws of Nature can't be broken. That's the Truth! It always has been!

Don Glenn