Don Glenn , Native Earthling

Don is most well known for his 32 year effort with the Seattle Peace Concerts. The concerts celebrate being here with each other, having fun with, and taking care of, the gift we inherited from Nature... Life on Earth, AT PEACE.. not just trying to achieve it. THEY REALLY ARE PEACE CONCERTS!

It's almost too easy; Two people standing side by side, one in heaven taking in the beauty of nature and the sound of children laughing and playing in the sunshine, the other trying to relax and trying to read a book about how to cope with life in this world, and those god damn kids are too noisy. What the Hell?

Don is also a "head extractor" for RCI (Rectal Cranial Inversion) and moonlights as a financial advisor under the alias of N. Ron Debacle to avoid taxes.

Peace Wave Video

The Feather Song MP3 Don Glenn solo recording
(wrote this in 1971 Toledo Ohio.. Next day I performed
it between Savoy Brown & Spirit in Lima Ohio) 

NEW MP3s.. Trail of Tears .. Mother Nature..
Don Glenn/Seapeace Music BMI
Recorded at Shoreline Community College 2005.. Released 4/24/2006
Don Glenn (Lead Vocal and Percussive Guitar), Luke Painter (Vocal Harmony and Lead Guitar), Larry Penosa (Bass), Jeff Hayes (Drums)

Don's Biography | Don's Resume | Old Glenn Family Pics
Pictures from El
vis Presley movie - "Double Trouble" (Don played Piano and Trombone in the movie)
Don also sang  and played guitar with Elvis Presley on the set at MGM in Culver City CA. 1966

Don's Music - SPC Compilations

Peace by Peace - Title Song SPC COMP. Vol 1 Track 1
RA 56kbs(1.09MB) - MP3 (4.29MB) - WMA (4.34MB)

Rainbow Man - SPC COMP. Vol. 1 Track 13
RA 56kbs.(1.23MB) - MP3 (4.81MB) - WMA (4.86MB) -

Peace Wave - Title Song SPC COMP. Vol. 2 Track 15
RA 56kbs (1.23MB) - MP3 (4.82MB) - WMA (4.88MB)

Just Found.. Don's Early Recordings
Decca Records late 60's Produced by Gary Usher (
The Beach Boys, Dick Dale and his Del-Tones, The Byrds)

Forbidden to Love MP3 (1.92MB) - WMA (1.95MB)

With No Reason Why MP3 (2.31MB) - WMA (2.33MB)

Don's Music - Solo Live Recordings 2003

Don Glenn, Vocals and Guitar - Unedited Live Recording by Leroy Saunders, Live Sound  
Peace Concert Volunteer Park Aug 2003.. Windows Media Audio..
Thank you Mother Nature - Peace Wave

Oneness, It's the Law.. NOTES; Created by Truth,  No Road to Peace Don Glenn.

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