"Buy when you're high... Sell when you're coming down!" N. Ron DeBacle

N. Ron DeBacle 

Tens of people from all over the world, mostly from North Seattle, have benefited from this extraordinarily gifted guru of the world financial community. With his profoundly simple principle of, "Buy when you're high... Sell when you're coming down!", many investors forgot what they bought when they were high and were too "out of it" to sell when they were coming down. With this simple principle, small fortunes have been amassed by the lucky few who have followed Mr. N. Ron DeBacle's FREE advice.*

Next Free** Seminar.."Money? No need to make it if you don't spend it"N. Ron DeBacle

* Very small fortunes, if any, and to date there is no actual proof of anyone ever following N. Ron DeBacle's advice. Mr. N. Ron DeBacle is a really nice person until he starts drinking, so get there early.

** Note.. No admission to get into his seminars, but you may have to pay to get out.. Remember to bring plenty of money. There are still people trying to get out from the last one...

TELEPHONES COST MONEY To Contact N. Ron Debacle, leave a note on the telephone pole NW Corner I-5 & N45th in Seattle. "I read my messages often and sometimes remember them! See you at my next seminar and bring money, lots of it!"
With all my love and all your money... sincerely,
N. Ron DeBacle your personal financial Guru.. "If you're gonna lose it, lose it locally."

N. Ron DeBacle also sunlights (moonlighting during the day) as Don Glenn "Even though the pay is lower it's more fun."

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