by Don Glenn January 15, 2005

There is nothing we need to do to be at peace with each other. Peace is here now. There is nothing we have to do to reach heaven. Heaven is here now. There is no road to peace or pathway to heaven. There is no righteous behavior or sacrifice needed, or any proper way to behave to get there. We're All Already Here Now..

There are a lot of things we need to stop doing to keep our heaven from going to hell. If someone tells you they know the way to heaven, it should be obvious where they're headed. Inside each one of us knows what we need to know and do. We may not always listen, but each one of us is always directly connected to All in All, never off line.

It gets easier to hear that direct connection when you stop listening to a voice, that claims to represent the will of the universe, confirmed by applauding nehumans (not evolved humans), that has gone through a chain of command riddled with RCI (Rectal Cranial Inversion) telling you how to get to heaven when that's right where you're standing. Those paths only lead away.

Led by well meaning, dedicated and righteous nehumans, each with their minds deeply concerned about the care and well being of "their people" and a deep love for "their Great Almighty God", each with the deepest faith that with God and with justice and righteousness on their side against the evil enemy, God will prevail... and they are somewhat right. God, the Universe, Nature will prevail, but VERY WOUNDED and not quite the heaven it deserved to be if the caretakers had done a better job. 

“Will the winners realize how great their prize is? Will they share it and take care of it for themselves and their children? After all, a lot of time and work is going into it. With the big bang, the materials were created relatively quickly, but the delivery time was in the billions of years. Then the forming of galaxies, with stars that provide energy to planets that orbit them. Then a lot of time waiting for the those darn planets to cool down, and millions more years for life to establish. Evolution has it‘s risks too. What if they turn out to be complete assholes? What if they just play with the ribbon on the box and never open it to see what's inside? What if they learn how to destroy before they understand what they are destroying? Gonna be a long wait.. Hope it's worth it..

There is no pathway back to heaven either. It's always here now "as is". It's gone when you think you have to look for it, earn it, or think you have been deprived with the life you've been given and angry that you were dealt a bad card in the game of life, or worse yet, some people have fun creating hell while destroying the incredible gift that they won. What are the odds? Out of billions of galaxies containing billions of stars and planets and billions various forms of life. What were the odds of you being you? At this time? On this planet? We are all very big winners!

Now's the time to quit complaining and searching, and turn up the music, celebrate now, and let the trailblazers of hell walk on alone. When they turn around and look over their shoulders and don’t see anyone following, they'll be lost, we won't.

Here's another idea;

They will see us with the prize box and watch us untie the ribbon they've been playing with. We will slowly lift up the lid and peek in. The trailblazers of hell will convince their followers to continue on while they do a little scouting. Their curiosity will draw them directly to the box so they can be the first ones to see what's inside and increase the control they have over their followers. (Life, the ultimate prize, doesn't come in a box.) That's when we grab them, throw them into the empty box, tie the box up tightly with their sacred ribbon and toss it into Lake Washington.

If it sinks, they are guilty of the manufacturing and distribution of guilt. If it doesn't sink, we'll wait till it does. Patience is a virtue.

I'm open to other methods of conflict resolution but it would be hard to find one more fun and entertaining, although the idea of pouring them onto concrete blocks and using them as roadblocks to keep others from going down their road has it's appeal. It also avoids the risk of polluting the lake. When their followers come back lost and looking for their leader to give them direction, we will have them sign an unbreakable agreement. If they buy the beer today we will show them the way to their leader tomorrow. (Since it is always now and tomorrow never happens and they've just been out searching for what they already have, I'm sure they'll be gullible enough to sign it.) So now with free beer forever, we will have delivered a major upgrade to heaven. Now Showing.. "Your Life on Earth".. Here Now!.. Don't miss it! Keep Smiling and watch your reflection. It always feels good to see happy faces.
Don Glenn