SPC's Second Compilation CD Vol 2 Featuring Fifteen of Seattle's Hottest Bands Dedicated to Love, Peace, and Rock n' Roll - $12 includes shipping - details below


Featuring "Daddy's War" (WAV-429K) by the The Lovemongers (Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart!)

CLICK HERE for Peace Wave full length song Real Audio 56kbs


1. DADDY'S WAR (4:00) SPODIE MUSIC (ASCAP) THE LOVEMONGERS Sound Sample WAV-429K The Lovemongers were formed in January of 1991 for a concert to benefit the American Red Cross at Seattle's Paramount Theater. The response was so overwhelming that what was intended as a one time performance, developed into a full time side project for Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart!, and their friends, Sue Ennis and Frank Cox. If you like Heart, you'll Lovemongers.
(Featuring Ann and Nancy Wilson of HEART)
2. CEREMONY (2:48) ALEX DOWN! MUSIC (ASCAP) JAMBAY Jazz-nfluenced rock, with aspects of funk and folk thrown in for good measure. Ceremony sets sparks flying.
3. TOO BAD (2:44) PEACEWORKS MUSIC (ASCAP) THE SQUIRRELS If you think we have to be serious all the time "TOO BAD" Everybody's talking about their song and you can hear the words they're saying ... usually. Who's going to answer for this one? It's about that phone call. (listen for the secret message)
4. LETTING THE CAT DIE (3:05) HOMEFIRE PRODUCTIONS (BMI) JOANNE RAND "Letting the Cat Die" is a Southern phrase: the slowing down process when swinging on a swingset. There is no slowing down the rise of this group. "Music is really a spiritual movement." says Rand. "It's a catalyst, a form of magic, healing and empowering. It can change people, even the world ." Guitarist Steve Kimock, from the band Zero, is guest artist on this song.
5. FEET ON THE FIRE (4:33) PEACEWORKS MUSIC (ASCAP) CROSSEYED A world class Seattle band that will get you up and dancing like your feet were on fire. The lead guitar player, Paul Benoit also performs with Reggie Garrett and the Snake Oil Peddlers on the song Pourin' Rain. (Peace by Peace) Hot 'n' Groovin.'
6. RIFFRAFF (3:53) SEAPEACE MUSIC (BMI) CASEY NEILL Their acoustic power, pop ,folk, punk, Celtic ballad celebrates all the "Riffraff" of the world.
7. SPACE (3:37) MONITOR & MERRIMAC MUSIC (BMI) ROCKINGHAMS In Seattle they are known as the 'Monsters of Rock'....Better give them some space to cut loose
8. BUFFALO'S EYES (3:52) BASSACKWARDS (BMI) KIMBERLY BASS "Buffalo's Eyes", with the rich vocals of Kimberly Bass and a cast of great musicians, pulls on all the right heartstrings.
9. BRINK OF EMOTION (5:40) TIM MCHUGH & THE LOST POETS A well established northwest group headed for world recognition. They have more than paid their dues in support of peace and environmental causes. The guitar work of Jon Trimble Mack will drive your goose bumps to a new peak!
10. WIND (3:54) SEAPEACE MUSIC (BMI) GRASSHOPPER Sound Sample WAV-363K With a name like Cosmic Love Freak you've got to be good. Grasshopper defines the leading edge of the acoustic revolution in Seattle.
11. BLOOD RED SUN (6:0) SEAPEACE MUSIC (BMI) CHINA ROSE This five member roots-rock band dedicated "Blood Red Sun" to Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead.
12. SUNSHINE (4:14) SEAPEACE (BMI) TINY GIANTS Get up, dance and celebrate music. High energy - great horns & rhythm!
13. SPRINGTIME (6:39) SEAPEACE MUSIC (BMI) AUNT BETSY One of the favorite, most exciting groups to ever grace the Seattle Peace Concert stage. They are noted for their beautiful harmonies and driving rhythm.
14. INTERESTING TIMES (6:13) DISTANT SHORE MUSIC (BMI) URBAN BUSHMEN When Jim Lyon formed this band, his goal was to create a unique sound combining American rock and folk with the musical traditions of Africa and Latin America. The result is irresistibly, danceable music which the Bushmen call "World Rock".
15. THE PEACE WAVE (5:11) SEAPEACE MUSIC (BMI) DON GLENN & THE PEACE CONCERT BAND - for 15 sec. Sound Sample 341K WAV / Don Glenn, founder of Seattle Peace Concerts, wrote and sang this title song. Don's credits include a movie with Elvis Presley,"Double Trouble" and recording with Glen Campbell in the late sixties.The musicians include cellist Lori Goldston whose long list of credits include Nirvana's last U.S. tour in '93 and '94. CLICK HERE for Peace Wave full length song Real Audio 56kbs

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Proceeds from the sale of this compilation album go to support the FREE peace and environmental park concerts and food bank benefits held on sundays during the summer in Seattle. Special thanks to Martin Audio for their sponsorship and manufacturing support. Mastered by Dean Bailin at 4 Cats Studio, N.Y.C. and James Reynolds, Seattle. Cover Art - Laura Tritz / Inside Photo; Stephen Reip / Calligraphy & misc doodles - Rob Morgan. Thanks for your support and enjoy the music!


All proceeds support SPC's Free Summer Park Concert Series.
Send $12 US Check or Money Order to;
Seattle Peace Concerts 17020 3rd NE Shoreline WA 98155

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