"Zydeco & World Beat High-Voltage Poly-Ethnic Roots & Rhythm!"

This Bellingham-based, seven piece, high energy dance band, cross pollinates American roots music and world beat rhythms.

A night with the BumbleBees is an unforgettable experience of music and mystery. The audience will enjoy a full-tilt night of dancing and listening to the BumbleBees' eclectic musical mix: from the fiery Zydeco sounds of Louisiana and the ecstatic Mardi Gras big beat of New Orleans to wailing Zulu Jive and Soucous from Africa. The BumbleBees are masters of planetary roots music!

You've heard the rumors-- and they're all true! A night with the BumbleBees features unstoppable celebratory music that will most surely renew your festive spirit-365 days a year. Of course, along with their music, they feature a straitjacket escape, fire eating, and the mindreading and fortune-telling of the BumbleBees' own master ofthe arcane arts, Professor Gris-Gris.

Sound Sample "In Times Like These" WAV-429K

Presently the Bumblebees are not performing but their CDs are available.


The Bumblebees

1. Mark Sherman - "the Professor" - mandolin and vocals

2. Reid Smith - "Swami Surfananda" - bass guitar and vocals

3. Brett Anderson - "Blades" - rubboard (frottoir) and other percussion

4. Michael Bajuk - "Big Easy" - drums

5. Joshua Adams - "Bela Tuna" - accordion

6. Mark Huber - "Saxamo" - blues harp/saxophone


We got the name The Bumblebees for the buzz, the hive, and the honey. . . . and the chance to cross pollinate more cultural flavors than a bowl of gumbo. We're calling it (the music) World- Beat- Zydeco 'cause we're using the Zydeco instrumentation to attack anything uplifting. It might be something Creole or it might be from South Africa. But it's definitely just-for-dancin' and letting go.

The Zydeco instrumentations are; accordion- piano style or cajun diatonic, drums, rubboard (frottoir), additional flavors- in our case: the mandolin, saxophone, blues harp, bass guitar, and additional percussion.

For Booking and Information contact: Reid Smith (360) 676-9508

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