Kilgore Trout is one of the vanguard bands in Seattle's genre-bending electric jazz movement. The quintet blends jazz, rock and symphonic sensibilities into a uniquely powerful and compelling style of composition and performance.

Kilgore Trout has played a variety of shows around the northwest performing with jazz standouts like Steve Coleman, Wayne Horvits, Eyvind Kang and Andy Milne, as well as with many rock groups like Gong, The Jerry Garcia Band, Project Object and Critters Buggin. The band also completed successful East and West Coast Tours in`98. In addition to selling out of their self-titled (northwest distributed) debut CD and receiving regular airplay from northwest college radio stations,

Kilgore Trout has won critical acclaim and is consistently solicited to play music conferences, showcases, and festivals. Some recent highlights:

1994 - Earshot Jazz Festival, Seattle, WA
1994 - Kaslo B.C. Jazz Festival
1995 - regional winners of NARA's Grammy Showcase, Seattle, WA
1996 - South by Southwest, Austin, TX
1996 - Music West, Vancouver B.C.
1996/98- Bumbershoot, Seattle, WA
1996 - Winner of Earshot Jazz magazine's Golden Ear Award for Best Electric Jazz Group
1996/97/98 - North by Northwest, Portland, OR
1997 - Du Maurier International Jazz Festival, Vancouver B.C.
1998 - Tonehole Music Festival, Seattle, WA
1998 - Texaco New York Jazz Festival, New York, NY
1998 - Syracuse Jazz Festival, Syracuse, NY
1998 - Mount Hood Festival of Jazz, Gresham, OR

Kilgore Trout has become known for it's precision delivery of "angular, spiky, haywire compositions" and is, due to it's unique sound, one of the most recognized and respected bands in the Seattle music scene. The band now hopes to continue exciting audiences around the country and around the world with elemental, challenging music.

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