The year was 1983 when the Green Pajamas germinated in the minds of Joe Ross and Jeff Kelly after they met at a party and discovered a common interest in 60's psychedelia. With the Los Angeles "paisley underground" music scene of `83 spinning at full tilt, our fab duo decided to start a similar scene in their home town of Seattle. By spring of 1984 they had recorded and released a homemade cassette called Summer of Lust described by one U.K. journalist as "British-style psychedelia similar to Dukes of Stratosphear but moreoff-center and less pastiche. "Sound Sample "Deep Blue Afternoon" from "Pickin' Up the Peaces",SPC Comp.Vol.3 - WAV-583K / 3 to 1 compressed AIFF-198K

Eight albums and sixteen years later the Green Pajamas are still ahead of the times while remaining lost in time; a quality that keeps the listener haunted yet always craving more. Get Hip Recordings has just released all of their past singles on one CD titled Indian Winter. In 1997 they released "Strung Behind the Sun" on Australia's Camera Obscura Records, the band's first full-length release since the critically acclaimed "Ghosts Of Love" back in 1990. They recently released the already- well-received "All Clues Lead to Meagan's Bed", and plan to release yet another full-length CD to coincide with their first U.K. appearance at the Terrastock 3 Festival in London this summer.

THE GREEN PAJAMAS ARE: Jeff Kelly, guitar/vocals; Joe Ross, bass/vocals; Karl Wilhelm, drums; Eric Lichter keys/percussion/vocals; and Laura Weller, vocals/guitar.

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