Growin' Mighty formed in 1996, as the brainchild of guitarist John Knowlton and drummer JP (Pat) Evans, and now features Andrew Stauffer on keys. Stemming from a desire to make soulful, uncompromising music from a wide variety of influences (fromMuddy Waters to Little Feat to James Brown), this band seeks to bring raw energy and passion to the people with no thought to mainstream commercial success. Friends since 1987, John and Pat played in their first band together at their Southern Maryland high school. That band, "Bad Reality", is notable for featuring sometime growin' mighty percussionist George Mossman on guitar. It only featured him, however, in the sense that he was on stage with the band, as John would secretly turn down George's amp before every gig. (Sorry George)

In 1994 John, Pat and George moved into a "band house" in College Park (Go Terps!) in what was essentially a year-long exploration for the players. It was mainly a learning and listening period, where the songs of Santana, the Grateful Dead, Bob Marley and many blues standards were played, and early songwriting attempts were made Although there were many hot jams in the basement, community living didn't quite work smoothly and people slowly drifted apart. Pat moved back to Southern Maryland and George went to Colorado. John remained in the College Park area, but returned to the Southern Maryland area months later where he joined up with a "psychedelic folk" band that Pat had started with longtime friend, guitarist Richard Wagner. It was John who came up with the name for the band: "Gecko's Echo". The band had an exciting sound which featured a new passion of John's: Slide Guitar. They recorded a couple of tunes and played some well received gigs, but in Spring of 1996 John & Pat decided to make the move from the small town music scene and headed west to Seattle to seek new fortunes.

One year, one bassist and one keyboardist later, Growin' Mighty played their first gig at the season finale of the Seattle Peace Concerts, a series of free summertime shows in area parks. Since then, they have played numerous gigs, several with Third World County, who are one of Seattle's hotter properties and also a hell of a bunch of guys (lan Sheridan, their bassist plays on the studio version of Spoon-fed). Artis the Spoonman has also been a friend to growin' mighty, playing acoustic and electric (!) spoons with them at a gig at the Colourbox and also on the special version of "Spoon- fed" available only on Seattle Peace Concert's compilation Vol.3 CD "Pickin' Up the Peaces". Check out the Sound Bites! What can you say about Artis? Hands down one of the World's most singularly talented individual, he wields flatware like no other human being and is a great and gracious cat to boot! Check out his CD and what-not on his website too..... growin' mighty is now writing and practicing individually & as a group...planting seeds if you will... for the next phase of growth. Until then, check out the groovy links, send us your comments, and (most importantly) keep on growin'!

"Spoon Fed" Sound Sample WAV-374K / 3 to 1 compressed AIFF-121K from Seattle Peace Concerts Compilation #3 "Pickin' Up the Peaces"

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