Based in Seattle, Washington, Reggie Garrett has been performing throughout the Western U.S. and Canada for a number of years performing mostly original songs mixedwith pop covers and more traditional style folk ballads. He is the purveyor of a unique urban strain of acoustic folk music incorporating a number of diverse influences, including: latin rhythms, blues, gospel, Celtic and more. The result is a musical blend that has excited and touched audiences throughout the Northwest.

The sound has strong rhythmic underpinnings, beginning with Garrett's almost percussive guitar style. The guitar work spans the gamut from folk/latin/blues rhythms to even more personal styles. His singing reflects the folk/rock/gospel traditions with which he grew up.

He has been compared to acoustic legends Richie Havens and Bill Withers by none other than the national folk publication Dirty Linen. As a songwriter Garrett's specialty is creating and enhancing a mood. In this regard his work has been compared to that of Bob Dylan.

As the founder of the SnakeOil Peddlers (his acoustic performing ensemble) Garrett has been performing in the acoustic medium for over six years. Reggie Garrett & the

Snake Oil Peddlers travel and perform regularly as an acoustic trio. From Pistol River, OR to Pocatello, ID; from Duncan, BC Canada to Metaline Falls, WA the group has delighted audiences of all ages.

In addition to a history of fine live performances, Reggie Garrett has two CD releases to his credit. "Welcome to My World" (1991, Snake Oil Productions) and "Time Stands Still" (1995, Wonder Dog Records) were both recorded with his Snake Oil Peddlers ensembles and display his range of musical styles and influences. Both have been favorably received. "Time Stands Still" in particular has found its way onto a number of AAA (and other) radio playlists throughout the western U.S.

Sound Sample from Seattle Peace Concerts' Compilation "Peace by Peace" POURING RAIN / WAV-264K

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