Bill Davie

singer, songwriter, poet, guitarist, purveyor of bummy fashons and Beat Folk

Bill Davie shoots from the hip. He doesn't follow a formula. His songs catch your attention because Bill knows how to find and articulate the common elements of our daily lives. As a student of poetry and a writer since birth, he knows how to bring freshness, humor, and impact to language.


Lifelike, 1996 / Fast Folk-Seattle (comp.) Summer '94 issue / Seattle Peace Concerts (comp.) "The Years" - Peace by Peace , 1994 / Gravity, 1992 / The Skookumchuck Sampler (comp.), 1992 / Northwest Folklife Festival Vol. 12 (comp.), 1990 / Victory Music 20th Anniversary (comp.), 1989 / Phobia Robes, 1988 / Victory Music Revue (comp.), 1986 / Write At The Light, 1986 / The Lunatic Cafe, 1984.

"The Years" Sound Sample - WAV-279K

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