3 Track Mind

This crowd-pleasing alternative folk group delivers their organic acoustic sound with emotional depth and electricity. Three lead singers, magical harmonies, guitars, mandolin, driving rhythms and powerful social messages are what make 3TM so special. Their original music and comical stage antics have something for everyone, which is why they can open for Joan Baez in the Seattle Opera House for 3,000 screaming fans; have their music used on an HBO special "Paul Rodriguez, Live from San Quentin"; play the part of actress Mare Winningham's back-up band in the major motion picture "Georgia"; perform live on the National Public Radio broadcast, "Sandy Bradley's Potluck"; and be enjoyed by fans from the mainstages of festivals such as Bumbershoot, Folklife, Bite of Seattle, Seattle Peace Concerts and the Northern Rocky Mountain Folk Festival.

"American Waste" Sound Sample WAV-583K / 3 to 1 compressed AIFF-198K also on "Pickin' Up the Peaces" CD

Songwriter - Kevin Jones (Check out his website!!)
Produced & Engineered by Paul Speer and 3 Track Mind
Recorded and Mixed at Miramar Studios Bellevue, WA
Pre-production - Steve Smith / Seattle Drum School
Kevin Jones - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Bass
Jennifer Todd - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Kristy Smith - Vocals, Tambourine
Steve Smith - Drums
Mark Iler - Harmonica

Contact # 360-802-9811

Kevin Jones P.O. Box 552 Enumclaw, WA 98022

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