Riveroots is a semi-acoustic trio featuring Rafe Pearlman on lead vocals and guitar, Diane Garcia on percussion, and Willis Potocki on bass. Riveroots is an eclectic blend of folk, blues, soul, and West African music with hints of Middle Eastern and other indigenous traditions. These influences are woven together to form an original and powerful music they call "swamp juice and the cosmic soup."

Rafe is Riveroots' songwriter. With his simple rhythmic guitar parts and many vocal styles, his self-taught approach gives him a truly unique sound. His vocal collages bridge cross-cultural boundaries, connecting the audience into the unifying force of music.

Diano plays djembe, congas, djun-djuns, udu, and various small percussion. He is a skilled and versatile percussionist, drawing on his experience in West African and Afro-Caribbean drumming to create the rhythmic foundation of Riveroots, which is an exciting mixture of the old and new.

Willis is the bassist and newest member of Riveroots. He has played professionally in a variety of projects, both touring and recording. Willis plays both acoustic and fretless bass with a distinct and energetic style, creating the rhythmic groove essential to the music of Riveroots.

Riveroots performed at a Seattle Peace Concert Sun. Aug. 1 Golden Gardens with - Left Hand Smoke - Swamp Mama Johnson - Tiny Giants

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