Loni Rose is a singer/songwriter whose ambition to pursue a music career first coalesced at the age of nine, while she was living in Nairobi, Kenya. Her dedication to that goal has not since wavered. Through genuine talent, word-of-mouth networking and g ass-roots marketing efforts, Loni has developed a loyal fan base that has made sell-out and S.R.O. performances the norm for several years, in even the largest of venues.

Performing in front of large audiences came naturally to Loni Rose who, at the age of 19, performed the national anthem for a crowd of 35,000 at the Seattle Kingdome. Since then, she has focused on venues where she can perform her own songs, which she began composing at the age of sixteen, and which now number over 70. Her music, which contains a multitude of pop-oriented hooks and nimbly skirts the line between folk and rock, shows a varied influence ranging from such artists as Shawn Colvln and Sarah McLachlan to Crowded House, the Beatles, and David Gray.

Between performances, Ms. Rose may be spotted piloting her 12-passenger 1-ton white van, affectionately dubbed the Albino Rhino, between vintage clothing stores, where she supplements her eclectic wardrobe and perpetuates her quest for shoes which will enhance her 5'3" stature.

Currently, Loni Rose has three commercial releases to her name. Evergreen Christmas, recorded in 1993, has sold over 3,000 copies in the Seattle area since its release, and quickly won her live appearances and airplay on many local television and radio stations. During the holiday season, it is still featured regularly on WARM 106.9 FM, one of the Northwest's largest triple-A radio stations.

In 1995, Loni released he first acoustic recording, Radio Flyer, which was distributed through the coffeehouse circuit and which earned her critical praise and a nationwide underground following.

Her current release, Naked Soul enjoys an even greater popularity in the Northwest, where it has been featured in the listening stations at local Tower Records outlets. Commercial distribution of the Naked Soul album is currently being developed in the Philippines and in the Asian market.

Contact: (206) 365-6209 P.O. Box 77786 Seattle WA 98177-0786

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