Jonny Hahn

He usually writes and plays his own music ... some 200 songs and still going strong, most with social commentary lyrics. Seven major recordings and at least that many national solo road tours and thousands of miles in a beat-up Murphy's Auction van.

Hahn's played his small piano-on-wheels on major street corners from Boston to Dallas. Great public reception; no hassles, if you discount that one surly cop on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. And no problems with leaving the piano unattended while he parks the old van. Except for that time several years ago, in San Francisco, when someone committed grand theft piano while he went for his van. He's now on his third piano.

Quite something for a guy who was already a devout anti-vehicle, anti-driving sort of environmentalist when he moved here. Even more afield for someone with a political science degree, who wanted more than anything in his young life to be the Chicago Cubs' shortstop after Don Kessinger retired.

Music and baseball were "just always passions with me," he concedes. He and his several siblings took private piano lessons, but the others were forced into it, while Jonny had to ask to play, he said.

His music is driving and high spirited and his lyrics can be both entertaining and biting. That's a three-quarter-size, 64-key piano you see him playing most days, most of the year, at the Pike Place Market, Bumbershoot, the University Street Fair and, of course, the annual Fremont Fair. Look for him at the Woodland Park Seattle Peace Concert June 15, 2003!