Blue Healers

Seattle based Blue Healers mix traditional, Delta, Chicago, swing, southern, gospel, country and folk blues together to get their Revival sound that they have been sharing with folks around town for the past 3 years. This year marks the release of their debut CD, One Chord Groove, a 3 song mish mash of all the things that make this band shine. Tributes to great legends such as Howlin' Wolf, Otis Rush, Muddy Waters are included in the form of inspired originals such as "Someone should shine a light on you" and "Tell it" or dedicated covers like "Wang Dang Doodle". There are also trips into soul psychedelia with tunes like "Bugger" and "If that's what you choose to do" and the gentle country folk of "Home". The Blue Healers were recently featured on the hour long radio show "Blues Power" on 9.7 FM with host Brandon Leas. Seven songs were featured off the CD One Chord Groove as well as live performances and interviews. The show originally aired August 1st, 2001 and was re-aired on September 1st.

Playing primarily as a duo in such fine establishments as The Columbia Winery, Bad Alberts, Neo Bistro, Firehouse Pub, Tir Na Nog, M.H. Tiller and many others, The Blue Healers tone down their set to accommodate dinner crowds and family environments. However, when teamed with Conrad Ormsby (drummer on "One Chord Groove") the band kicks into overdrive and draws people to the dance floor.

The California Desert might not be the first place you would expect to spawn a blues guitarist, but that's exactly where Don Forsyth honed his chops. Raised in Victorville, California, Don grew up on a steady diet of music innundation. With his father cranking the stereo at the wee hours of the morning, Don was soaked with all kinds of sounds, as well as some Albert Collins, David Lindley, Clapton, Stevie Ray and Neil Young, all of which shape his playing today.

Diane Forsyth was raised in the middle of San Diego, California by a single mother that loved soul. Wafts of Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Carole King, Star and Motown crept into her subconscious until now where it translates through her singing as gospel blues. Playing bass as a strict rhythm instrument, Diane follows basic rhythm principals she learned from listening to greats such as Larry Taylor, Aston Barrett of Bob Marley's band, Aretha Franklin's bass player, Tommy Cogbill.

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