Lucy Lunchmouth is one of Seattle's favorite underground bands. Sporting an alternative folk-punk sound that is all their own, LLM frequently crosses genres to appeal to a wide variety of listeners. Their high-energy set features great original songs, outstanding vocals/harmonies and musicianship to match.




Lucy Lunchmouth's free-wheeling style made them one of the most popular groups on With several MP3 worldwide top ten hits in multiple genres, including "Out of Luck", which hit #1 in Power Pop, #1 in Pop, and #6 in Pop/Rock amidst the likes of Madonna, Michelle Branch, Dave Matthews Band, Offspring and more.



 Other MP3 Worldwide hits include:

Snowman - #1 Blues

You Broke My Heart - #1 Alternative Country

Drinking of You - #1 Acoustic Blues

Trapped on Mars - #2 - Alternative Country and more...



Todd Koeppen